About Me

Being a food entrepreneur can be a lonely road. And strangely, none of my mates seems to want to talk about barcode dimensions, supply chains or who is the best product liability insurer. I mean, what is their problem?

But put me in a room with a bunch of other food & drink founders and soon I’ll be cracking jokes about equity finance, laughing over NPD mistakes and shedding a tear over the loss of one of our favourite buyers.

Unfortunately these occasions are few and far between, so I started up a Facebook group to see if other people were also in need of a ‘foodpreneur support group’. In just over a year we’ve had 2,000 entrepreneurs join the FoodHub Forum – sharing tales of triumph and disaster and most importantly all the handy contacts that they’ve acquired along the way.

This directory is a compilation of all of these recommended contacts made on the FoodHub. The fact that they are personally recommended by entrepreneurs themselves makes them incredibly powerful.

If you find this useful you also might think about coming along to Bread & Butter, a 2 day conference/bootcamp for emerging and scaling food and drink businesses. We bring together 1,000 food entrepreneurs, industry gurus, retail chiefs and serious investors to share our huge bank of knowledge.

As well as studying Sustainability part-time at UCL, I mentor and consult for several food and drink businesses and also work on my own new food business.

Give me a shout if you’d like to chat.

Jason Gibb.