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The Secret Tasting Panel #5

I recently met a food producer who spent 4 years, took multiple trips to Asia and used over 40 recipe iterations to perfect her product. Whilst most of us don’t go to such lengths (well I didn’t anyway…), getting an honest appraisal of what is good about our product and what you can improve upon is vital. And that is why I asked the Boffin (a … Continue reading The Secret Tasting Panel #5

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The Secret Tasting Panel #4

They say that one person’s ambrosia is another person’s arsenic, and in our latest round of product tasting our Secret Panel plays to this tune. One product in particular received a 1 out of 10 for taste but also a 10 out of 10. Same product different expert. Given their different backgrounds it’s no surprise that our Boffin, Buyer and Businessman* have different perspectives. But … Continue reading The Secret Tasting Panel #4

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UK vs USA battle of the insect bars

We’ve already seen that the insect protein craze has wings and will soon find its way into everything from burgers to bonbons. In the UK the trailblazer is cricket flour snack bar Crobar, whilst in the USA Exo Protein has the investors swarming. These humble snack bars may help save the planet but do they taste any good? I posed this question to three influential … Continue reading UK vs USA battle of the insect bars